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July Newsletter

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Our Ministry Focus: "Sharing God's grace from a hopeful place


Pastor's Letter

Dear friends in Christ, 
   I have found it interesting that over the course of the many years of my life, how certain Bible stories catch my attention, and become my favorite for a time. My new favorite story is Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus. The reason that this has become my current favorite is because of what Jesus says to those who see Zacchaeus simply as a sinner and traitor to his people. Jesus says, “He too is a son of Abraham.”
   The world looked at him and labeled him. It seems Zacchaeus had sadly accepted the labels. But something deeply spiritual in Zacchaeus led him to climb a tree in order to see this one called Jesus. And through the encounter, Jesus reminded him, and all those around him, who he truly was – a precious child of God. 
   What difference would it make in our lives if we too could shed the labels thrown on us, and come to the point in our lives that we would see ourselves, first and foremost, as God’s precious child? 
   Dennis Guernsey tells about an incident he was privy to see in the life of a little girl.  Dennis was a school psychologist who watched a little girl come skipping out of the church office on her way back to her classroom. Evidently, she had been sent on an errand by her teacher and she was heading back to class.
   The distance from the church office to her classroom was exactly 35 big steps. He learned this because, after leaving the office, the little girl stopped, then after taking her first big step, she said, “Mom loves me.” Then, after a second large step, she said, “Daddy loves me.” After a third, “Grandma loves me.” Then, “Grandpa loves me.” Then, “The other grandma and grandpa love me.” Then “Jesus loves me.” “My teacher loves me” “My brother loves me.” Guernsey said he was mesmerized by this little girl. 
   Exactly 35 big steps it took her to get back to class, and by the time she got there, she had remembered and embraced in her life, 35 people who absolutely loved her. 
   He then said, “I wish my patients felt just one-tenth of the love she feels. What a difference that would make in their lives.” 
   I pray for each of you this day – that no matter what happens to you, what you do, what others think or say – that you would be able to capture the heart of the child and remember that we are deeply loved by so many people – and by no one more than Jesus! 
                                                ~ God bless, Dan

Our third summer joint outdoor worship services will take place at Yellowstone on Sunday, July 28th at 9:30 a.m. Please bring a lawn chair and join in this wonderful service. Don’t forget to bring friends and family! We will have a coffee time before and after the service, so join in the fellowship. A sign-up to bring goodies for the coffee time will take place later in May. Coffee time will be from 9:00 - 9:30  a.m. before the service and will continue following the service. 


From the Yellowstone WELCA – We wish to thank everyone for supporting the Lutheran World Relief project. We are still collecting donations: a list of items still needed is in the back of the church. 
   A donation box for financial support for shipping charges is also in church. We will organize and ship after August 15. Every item helps someone in need. Thank you for your support.


Council meetings: Argyle-Apple Grove July council meeting will take place following the worship at Apple Grove on July 7th. Yellowstone council will meet following the worship service on July 14th.


The Yellowstone WELCA will meet on Tuesday, July 9th at 9am at Yellowstone.


Yellowstone Quilters will meet at Argyle Lutheran at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 23rd.


Thank you to all who supplied cookies for the InterVarsity gathering. Once again it was a huge success with rave reviews from those who attended.


May Treasurers’ and Pastor’s reports:
                Yellowstone                                 Argyle-Apple Grove 
  Beginning balance: $7,904.26       Beginning Balance:  $8,573.71
                    Income:   $5,504.42                         Income:   $6,629.06                        

                    Expenses:$5,787.55                   Expenses:   $12,906.28
        Ending Balance: $7,621.13             Ending Balance: $2,286.49  


   Larry Lunda – June 13th at Yellowstone


     Shauna Volkening/Remington Stittleburg – at Apple Grove, June 8th 


Yellowstone WELCA Appreciation Reception will be held on Sunday, August 4th after early church. We honor our WELCA members both past and present. Thank you for your generous service. Please join our congregation after the worship for cake. 
   This reception is en lieu of the annual honorary luncheon. 


Yellowstone: We have new tables for the basement. We will be giving away the old tables (we have nine of them). If you are interested, contact Pastor Dan.


A/APplestone Youth News 

   Two important dates for those going to the National Youth Gathering: 
   Sunday, June 30th at 9:30 a.m. at Apple Grove ~ We will meet for outdoor worship at 9:30 to have a sending-off litany for those going to New Orleans. Also, we will have a meeting with youth and parents following our outdoor worship service on June 30th. We will be sharing final information about the Gathering and handing out the Gathering swag! We’ll be done by 11:30 a.m. If you cannot attend, let Ann or Dan know asap!!
   Monday, July 15th – Youth leaving for the ELCA National Youth Gathering in New Orleans, LA!!!!  Final details will be given at the meeting on June 30th. 


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