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April Calendar

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Yellowstone Readers                                   Argyle-Apple Grove Readers            
April 7: Laura Skattum                                April 7: Susan Munoz
April 14: Wendi Hendrickson                     April 14: Monique Volkening
April 28: Shannon Marion                          April 28: Linda Flanagan
Yellowstone Communion Assistants        Argyle-Apple Grove Communion Assistants    
April 7: Paige Soper                                     April 7: Paige Soper
April 28: Peter Hermon                              April 28 Mike Flanagan
Yellowstone Greeters                                 Argyle-Apple Grove Greeters    
April 7, 14: Maureen Prestbroten             April 7, 14: Susan Munoz        
April 21, 28: Judy/Butch Dowling              April 21, 28: Laurie Wuethrich    
Yellowstone Acolytes                                  Argyle-Apple Grove Acolytes    
April 7, 14: Griffin Schlafli/Brandon Bruce        April 7, 14: Rielle Yaun
April 21, 28: Claire/Hunter Holmes                    April 21, 28: Ellie/Bryson Coffey    

Office Phone: 608-543-3088

    March 2024

Dear friends in Christ, 

    In the first three weeks of April, I will have a box for people to put in what they have heard from God as we look to find our “watchword.” Again, the definition of Watchword is a short statement defining what our key call is at the moment. This is NOT the same as a mission statement. Let me give you an example. A mission statement might be: “To reach more for Christ.” The watchword goes deeper than that and would ask the question: Why do you want to reach more for Christ? You may answer that question by saying: God’s presence and grace is so important in one’s life. Now you are getting closer to the watchword – so in this example, the key words would be: “God’s presence and grace.” Something like that is what you’d put into the box. 
   A watchword gets us to the very reason for everything we do as a church. I told both our councils that often times a church will spend a year or more moving through prayer (waiting), working together (resonance) to get to the watchword, but I am putting this process on the fast track and here is why.
   I think our communities (and country) are going to go through some very difficult times in the next nine months. I think the political landscape is ripe not only for great dissension, but quite possibly violence. I want our churches to be ready for this and be a voice to counteract the hateful speech that is already happening. 
   Likewise, in the chaotic times ahead, we as a church can offer people a safe place to call home, a place to find peace, and to receive message of grace and hope. I think the church can be a very powerful voice right now. 
   One church theologian wrote these wise words years ago: “In the darkest times, God’s light shines brightest.” I fear we are going to go through some dark times later this year. But much greater than my fear is my confidence that God’s light will shine brighter, and we as a church will be a powerful voice to not only counteract words of vitriol and violence, but overcome them. 
   I am hoping after our council meetings in May that we will have developed our watchword – the words God has given us to lead us forward in our call. This is vital work we are engaging in; please take part in it. 
                                                                                                                                                              ~ God bless, Pastor Dan


Discernment prayer: As we join in this discernment process, would everyone in the parish please pray this prayer each day:  “God, You have a plan for our parish. You hold out to us a future full of hope. Give us the wisdom of Your Spirit so that we can see the shape of Your plan, in the gifts You have given us, and in the circumstances of our daily lives. Open our hearts to Your will and guide us. Give us the freedom of your Spirit, to seek You with all our hearts, and to choose Your will above all else. Amen.”


Easter offering: Easter offering: Our Easter offering will go to support Paige Soper and her year-long ministry on the Campus of UW-Oshkosh. Paige got involved with the Christian group “Chi Alpha” while in school and is taking this year to work full time in their ministry to the students. Please give generously to help support one of our “home grown” youth who is now involved in ministry! Easter offering envelopes can be found by the offering plates in the narthex, or you can write out a check and put in the memo line: “Paige Soper” We are excited to have Paige preaching at both churches on Sunday, April 7th. Please make sure to be there to hear her message of resurrection hope and share some of the exciting things happening on campus through her ministry. 


Coming in April – Community Bible study: “Nuggets from Romans” We will be looking at the final letter that the Apostle Paul wrote. Many call his letter to the Romans his magnum opus. Paul goes into great depth about his favorite theme “saved by grace through faith apart from works.” He also speaks eloquently that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God, and how the church becomes the body of Christ in the world. For three weeks, (Wednesday, April 10th, Tuesday April 16th and Wednesday, April 24th), we will look at passages from his letter and discuss what it means for us today. Copies of the study are available at church, or you can contact Pastor Dan.


The A/Applestone youth group wants to thank everyone for your generosity at our Palm Sunday Breakfast! 


Argyle-Apple Grove is in charge of the Argyle Food Pantry in April. The pantry will be open on Thursday April 4th and 18th. If you would like to help, please contact Beth Fransen at 608-558-8603.


Reception of New Members: We would like to receive new members at our April 21st worship services. If you are interested in joining Yellowstone or Argyle-Apple Grove at this time, please contact Pastor Dan and he will be in touch with you. 


The Spring Gathering of the WELCA Monroe Conference will take place at Argyle Lutheran, on Saturday, April 27th. Registration will be at 9:30 a.m. with the meeting and speaker (Tonya Gratz from Monroe will be speaking on “A Journey Towards Healthy Soil”) at 10:00 a.m.  Lunch will follow.  


Argyle-Apple Grove Council Hi-lites
*We thank Linda Flanagan for her years of service on the church council.  *We welcome Marjorie Bigelow onto the council. *Mike Flanagan was elected the President of the church council for 2024. Neale Tollakson was elected Vice-president
*A committee was formed and will meet with Nordolf Lumber to get a bid on new front doors for Apple Grove.
*A new copier for the church has been purchased. 
*The furnace at parsonage was serviced and fixed. 
*The Yellowstone/Argyle-Apple Grove parish will be creating a facebook page. Beth Fransen will do this for us and be the administrator. 
*A community Bible study (“Nuggets From Romans) will be held at “The Corner Pub and Deli” in Argyle, in April.
*The Youth group continues its preparation for the 2024 National Youth Gathering in New Orleans in July. 
*The Discernment process for our parish continues as we look to what God is asking of us at this moment and into the future.

A/APplestone Youth News    Brunch and study on April 14th from 10:00 a.m. to noon at Argyle Lutheran. We’ll give rides from early service at Yellowstone to Argyle Lutheran. ALL youth are welcome; it’s mandatory for those attending the National Gathering.


February Treasurers’ and Pastor’s reports:
             Yellowstone                                     Argyle-Apple Grove 
  Beginning balance: $9,320.10       Beginning Balance:  $9,488.66
                   Income:   $6,334.80                             Income:$6,126.00                                

                Expenses:  $7,543.70                       Expenses:   $6,849.53
       Ending Balance: $8,111.20              Ending Balance: $8,765.32  


   *Onyx Hendrickson, infant son of Samantha Miller and Jon Hendrickson, at Yellowstone on February 25th 
   *Kelly Johnson, at Apple Grove on March 17th 


New Members:  
   Samantha Miller (Yellowstone)
   Kelly Johnson (Argyle-Apple Grove)


   Virgil Wyttenbach – March 2nd at Erickson’s funeral home


Yellowstone Council Hi-Lites
*We thank the following people who have served two terms on the council: Shannon Marion, Maryellyne Rear, David Phillipson, Kristi Langhus.    *We welcome to our council: Scott Marion, Andi Torgerson, Lisa Trumble, JoAnne Hufnagel.   *Aaron Erickson was elected as the council president for 2024. Paul Dammen was elected as the Vice-president. 
*A bid by Lange Construction for $1,600 was accepted to fix the sagging floor in the front of the sanctuary (the amount of this bid could change depending upon what he finds).
*A bid by Lange Construction for $8,100 was accepted to take out the two walls in the Sunday School room. With these two walls out, we will be able to add tables and have the coffee hour and other smaller church events upstairs, so people don’t have to go down the steep steps to the basement. 
*A bid from Blackstone for $19,500 was accepted to put in new asphalt (the entire driveway) and add six additional handicapped parking spots near the front of the church
*A new copier for the church has been purchased. 
*The furnace at parsonage was serviced and fixed. 
*The Yellowstone/Argyle-Apple Grove parish will be creating a facebook page. Beth Fransen will do this for us and be the administrator. 
*A community Bible study (“Nuggets From Romans) will be held at “The Corner Pub and Deli” in Argyle in April.
*The Youth group continues its preparation for the 2024 National Youth Gathering in New Orleans in July. 

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