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March Calendar

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Yellowstone Acolytes                                                  Argyle-Apple Grove Acolytes 
March 3, 10: Chelsea/Sawyer Schlafli                      March 3, 10: Rielle Yaun
March 17, 24: Ethan Ubersox/Dakota Doescher    March 17, 24: Ellie/Bryson Coffey
Yellowstone Readers                                                  Argyle-Apple Grove Readers
March 3: Judy Dowling                                               March 3: Joann Rucker
March 10: Kristi Langhus                                           March 10: Ann Bohlman
March 17: Ann Bohlman                                            March 17: Marsha Soper
Yellowstone Communion Assistants                       Argyle-Apple Grove Communion Assistants
March 3: Lisa Trumble                                               March 3: Jackie Yaun
March 24: Gene Kolb                                                 March 24: Diane Martin
Yellowstone Greeters                                                 Argyle-Apple Grove Greeters
March 3, 10: Connie Granberg                                 March 3, 10: Yaun Family
March 17, 24: Gene/Marcia Kolb                              March 17, 24: Diane Martin

Office Phone: 608-543-3088

    March 2024

Dear friends in Christ, 

    It is a busy time for us as a church; we are involved in two important things at this time: First, we continue our spiritual walk with Jesus towards the cross. This year, through our Sundays of Lent and all our Wednesday services, we will be helped by the great church father, Ignatius. Back in the 1500's, Ignatius developed what he called “The Exercises.” In it, he prescribes a journey through four periods. In the first period, we look closely at our sin and God’s grace and compassion. The second period (or what he called “weeks”), we walk with Jesus through his ministry. The third period, we will take a close look at Jesus’ journey through his passion. We will take this part of the journey during holy week. And the fourth period, we’ll encounter the resurrected Jesus – which we will do on Easter Sunday and following. 

    The second important event at our church is working to find what our identity and purpose we have as a church at this moment in time. To do this, I am asking everyone to spend time daily in prayer, asking God to give you some insight into what our call is right now. 
   To help us prepare to do this, we looked at three words: wait, resonance, and watchword. Wait: we wait in prayer knowing that God will speak to us. By waiting to hear God’s voice, we don’t cloud this important task with our own thoughts and desires. Resonance: As we wait, we wait together – with one another and God. The spiritual definition of resonance is: “when people hear the deep, full and reverberating call of God, evoking a response where working together, the church shares a purpose that is at the same time both task-oriented and spiritually-oriented.” We wait for God’s leading, and then, we move forward.  Watchword: Finally, we come to “Watchword” which is, for all practical purposes, a short mission statement defining what our key call is at the moment.
   After our time of prayer (up to Easter), I’ll be asking people to write down what they feel God is calling us to do. Then we’ll take the next step. Thanks in advance for your prayers in this area that will help give direction to our church for years to come.         ~ God bless, Dan

Discernment prayer: As we join in this discernment process, would everyone in the parish please pray this prayer each day: 
   “God, You have a plan for our parish. You hold out to us a future full of hope. Give us the wisdom of Your Spirit so that we can see the shape of Your plan, in the gifts You have given us, and in the circumstances of our daily lives. Open our hearts to Your will and guide us. Give us the freedom of your Spirit, to seek You with all our hearts, and to choose Your will above all else. Amen.”


Lent offering: Our special offering during Lent will go to our “Good Samaritan Fund.” This fund helps people in and around our community. We also assist the Lafayette County’s Salvation Army. Please give generously. Offering envelopes can be found by the offering plates in the narthex, or you can write out a check and put in the memo line: “Good Samaritan Fund.” Thank you.


Our Wednesday Lent Services are at 7:00 p.m. at Argyle Lutheran. 


The A/Applestone Youth Palm Sunday Breakfast! The youth group is ready to serve everyone a great breakfast on Palm Sunday. Once again we are asking some bakers in the parish to help supply coffee cakes. Our youth group remains small and we don’t want to overburden families of youth who are already bringing items for the breakfast. We will have a sign-up at both churches, asking if people would be willing to supply homemade coffee cakes, donuts, muffins, etc. As always, the youth will do all the work. Thank you in advance for your help.  Palm

Sunday is March 24th and serving time is from 8:00 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. at Yellowstone.


Coming in April – Community Bible study: “Nuggets from Romans” We will be looking at the final letter that the Apostle Paul wrote. Many call his letter to the Romans his magnum opus. Paul goes into great depth about his favorite theme “saved by grace through faith apart from works.” He also speaks eloquently that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God, and how the church becomes the body of Christ in the world. For three weeks, we will look at passages from his letter and discuss what it means for us today. Details will be coming in next month’s newsletter. 


Thank you from Shannon and Scott Marion: “We are so blessed to be a part of our mission oriented church family. We are very thankful for this year’s special offering going to further the campus ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Your prayers and financial support are helping to spread the good news of God’s love throughout the country!”


Thank you from the Salvation Army of Lafayette County: Thank you so much for your very generous donation (We donated $1,000 from our special offering) to the Salvation Army fund for Lafayette County. As I am sure you are aware, the needs, especially in the winter months, are many and often very substantial. Generous donors like your congregations are so very much appreciated. God bless you all. 


Thank you from the ELCA for its continued support for the ministry’s of the church both within the United States and throughout the world. 


The Yellowstone WELCA will have an organizational/planning meeting on Friday, March 15 at 9 a.m. at Yellowstone. All women are encouraged to come and share ideas for the year. 


January Treasurers’ and Pastor’s reports:
          Yellowstone                                      Argyle-Apple Grove 
  Beginning balance: $9,760.20       Beginning Balance:  $9,537.66
                    Income:   $5,437.37                           Income: $6,396.50                      

                Expenses:    $5,877.47                     Expenses:   $6,445.31
         Ending Balance: $9,320.10            Ending Balance: $9,488.85  


   *Maizie Gant, infant daughter of Kelsey/Austin Gant, at Yellowstone on February 11th
   *Harper Lillian Rucker, infant daughter of Katie and Noah Rucker, on February 18th at Apple Grove


First Communion: 
   Sawyer Schlafli 

Reminder to Confirmation parents: During Lent confirmation classes will meet from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., as we have worship at 7:00. 


Yellowstone is in charge of the Argyle Food Pantry in March. The pantry will be open on Thursday March 7 and 21. If you can help out please contact Kristine O’Connor at 608-214-3363. 


SNOW ON SUNDAY: If we cancel church due to bad weather, Pastor Dan will send out an email. Also, feel free to call the parsonage (543-3088) or check the church website. If you are not currently on the church email list, let Pastor Dan know your email and he will put you on it.


To receive a receipt of your giving for 2023 for tax purposes: Argyle-Apple Grove: talk to or email Diane Martin at Yellowstone: talk to Peter Herman or email:


A/Applestone Youth News

   March fun event: games, movies and more at Amy and Brady’s! Friday, March 15th from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. We will meet at Amy and Brady’s house in Darlington (937 Ohio St.) for supper, games and movies. We will take youth from Argyle Lutheran at 5:39 p.m. and return youth to Argyle or home. OR get dropped off/picked up at Amy and Brady’s. And, as always, bring friends, snacks, games and movies.
   Sunday Study, March 10th at 10:00 at Yellowstone: Ann will give rides from early service at Apple Grove. 
   Palm Sunday Breakfast March 24th at Yellowstone: We will need everyone to contribute and to work the event. We’ll start at 7:30 a.m. and be done by 11:30 but we will plan to worship together. Expect a letter with details.



    A thank you to everyone at the annual meetings. During our time together we took time to start discerning what our call might be for our congregations at this time. In so doing we looked at the three words you are familiar with: Wait, resonance and Watchword. Pastor Dan asked three questions and got feedback from the congregation. Here are the results: 
   Question #1: What are some of the ways that we can hear the voice/whisper/leadings of God?
   *We need to slow down and spend time in prayer and silence. We need at times each week to remove ourselves from all the busyness going on and rest in the quiet of silence and solitude.
   *We need to find places that bring us restful peace: like nature or other places where we can be by ourselves with God.
   *We have to make spending time with God a priority.
   *We have to stop our thinking that if we aren’t “doing” something than nothing is happening. We have to trust that spending time with God is the first step – action follows that, but not visa-versa.

Question #2: What are some of the strengths of our congregations?
   *All our congregations have rich histories that give us roots.
   *Our congregations have built a community where people feel welcome, accepted and loved. 
   *There is a sense of camaraderie.
   *We are ready to help if there is a need in our parish, community, or world. 
   *We have stable finances which allows us to stop fretting about survival and we can move on to discern the ministry God is calling us to do.
   *We have a strong youth ministry.
   *We live by grace.
   *Our doors are open to all people. 
   *Stable leadership
   *A fun family atmosphere
                       (Continued on the next page)


Question #3: At a gut level, what do you think our call from God might be?
   *To invite and welcome more people from the community in our church.
   *Be a welcoming place that shares with all people God’s grace and hope. 
   *“Give grace in a hopeful place.”
   *Be an example of a different way to live life
Please read and reread these answers and see how they strike you. If you have more to add to any of the questions, please contact Pastor Dan; he’d love to hear your thoughts as we commit ourselves to this process.

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