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Aapplestone Youth Group

                                              Applestone Youth News

A/Applestone Youth News

    Youth Quake was an awesome experience! This was a new experience for every young person in our group since we haven’t been to Quake since 2020 because of Covid. 
   Save the date – March fun event: snow tubing at Tyrol on Sunday, March 12th.  Expect details in the mail 


A/Applestone Youth communication:
   ***SnapChat: We have found this to be our most efficient ways to
   communicate with our youth. If you aren’t on the group chat yet, let us know and we’ll put you on. 
   **If you don’t use SnapChat, let Ann (608-214-1531) know and we’ll find a way to keep you up-to-date.
*There’s always the website to check:
   **And there is always this newsletter.
It comes every month. It comes in the mail. It contains good things to read. Reading is good! Being informed is gooder!! A/Applestone is the goodest!!!

Trick-or-Treat For Hunger 2022!

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Easter Breakfast 2019

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