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November 10, 2021 -- "Trust the Plan"

The great theologian Karl Barth was once asked, “Why do people come to church?” Barth answered, “People come to church asking the question: ‘Is it true?’”

People want to know if the story of Jesus is true. They want to know if the love that is expressed in Scripture is real and if it’s meant for them. People want to know if they can trust their life and the lives of their loved one’s to God’s care. They want to know if faith in Christ is something that they can count on.

Jesus’ journey to the cross seemed a strange plan in the disciple's eyes (and ours, too). In the end they didn’t understand why he chose to remain a servant, and not use his power. They knew because of that decision, he ended up dying on a cross. Jesus’ plan just didn’t make sense. But each time the disciples shared their scepticism, Jesus in essence answered them the same way, “Trust me, I have a plan.”

Trust the plan.

Back when the kids were small, I was putting together (or more accurately, attempting to) one of those ridiculous Christmas presents that said on the box, “Some assembly required.” Below that statement, in print so small that you can’t read it when you first buy the toy it said, “An engineering degree is recommended.”

I worked on putting together this toy for a half an hour before I threw my arms up in surrender and announced to Ann the assembly was impossible. Ann didn’t listen to me. Instead, after I got out of the way, she took my spot and began assembling the impossible-to-assemble Christmas toy. Forty-five minutes later, it was completed.

What was her secret? She read the instructions.

For the record, I did briefly look at the three pages of instructions before starting assembly, but decided to trust my own instincts (we all know that real men don’t read instructions). Ann decided to use the instructions, trust the plan of the manufacturer, and lo and behold, she had the gift put together in no time.

Jesus’ plan was to go to the cross and die as a servant for us all. It seemed a strange plan, but I think after Easter Sunday, we can all say, “Yes, I can trust God’s plan.”

We are facing a lot of tough things in our personal lives, the life of our country, and world right now, and left to ourselves, we’re going to turn a bad time into a disaster. So, how about this? How about grabbing our Bible’s, reading about God’s plan, and trusting it.

Let’s give God a try!

~ God bless, Dan

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