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January 5, 2022 -- "New Year - New Start"

It’s a new year and there is something psychological about it, isn’t there? When the new year dawns, we get the sense that somehow we can begin again. We hear people say things like, “It’s a new start,” or “This new year I plan …” “This year I’m committing to …”

I remember watching a comedian on television one New Year’s Eve. He asked the audience how many had made new year’s resolutions the year before. The vast majority raised their hands. He then asked how many had succeeded in their resolutions. Only a few hands stayed up. With a smile he said, “I too made resolutions and I am with the few who actually succeeded.” Pumping his arms up in celebration, he then told them what his resolutions were: “To gain weight, exercise less and waste more time.”

I too, get caught up in the idea that the new year marks a new beginning. I like the thought of putting to bed the past year and starting out with a clean slate. And yes, I do make resolutions and on the whole, I succeed about 50% of the time.

Starting over again isn’t anything new if you know your Bible and come to church. The Bible is filled with stories of people getting new starts, beginnings again. At church almost every Sunday we begin with a confession of our sins. This is followed by a declaration of forgiveness – in other words, the sins have been wiped away and we now have a new start.

In the spirit of New Year’s and new beginnings, I want to challenge all of you to make some resolutions about your faith life. I ask that you spend some time reflecting on where you are in your spiritual journey and contemplate what you have to do to draw closer to Christ.

This year at church we’ll have some Bible studies and book studies coming up – plan on attending one or all of them. Each Sunday and on holy days the church doors are open for us to gather and worship the Lord. We’d like to plan some service projects, and I have no doubt some of you have some new ideas that will spark us and we’ll begin doing some ministry that we didn’t even dream about in past years. It’s exciting to think about this upcoming year and it’s exciting to be a part of “new things.” I pray you will grow this year both in your personal faith lives and as part of Christ’s glorious body called the church.

Take some time today or this week to reflect on two or three things that would help you grow closer to Christ. It’s a new year – It’s the perfect year to commit to giving your soul some of your time, so it can grow.

~ God bless, Dan

P.S. As always, if I can help you figure out some personal plans, or help you on your journey, just let me know. I’d love to journey with you!

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