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February 2, 2022 -- "Anti-Fatigue Actions"

I hit a nerve with people when in the Church letter about our updated Covid practices, I said that I felt “fatigued” by the whole thing. I’ve had many people comment that that word “fatigue” fits their feelings as well.

So, I wanted to do a devotion on the issue of fatigue. But before I get serious (in an upcoming devotion), I first want to throw out an anti-fatigue challenge to all of you, and I want your help.

I want to ask you to do something wild and fun this week or weekend to break the rut of fatigue. Here are some things I was thinking:

*Go out to eat this week and order dessert first. That’s right, start with the dessert and work your way to the meal.

*Don’t get white milk … if they have chocolate milk, get that!

*Run around the house outside in your bare feet – sound crazy? It is, so what, do it!

*On your day off, stay in your pajama’s all day.

*If you stay at home and your spouse calls and asks “What’s for supper?” answer by saying, “Whatever you bring home, honey.” That’s right, eat out some night this week.

*Instead of vacuuming, watch a sitcom.

*If you want to get in shape, now is the time to try it – shake the couch potato feeling (but only after you’ve had dessert first, chocolate milk, and carry out!).

*Watch a goofy movie.

* Pay for someone’s coffee. Pay forward.

* Play! If you have kids or grandkids, play games with them. If you don’t pull out some game laying around the house and play it.

* Jump out and scare someone in your house. That’s fun and funny!

*Freq out your pastor by shouting “Amen” or “Alleluia” during the service.

*Go on YouTube and watch some funny video’s

*Take some time and reflect on the Hebrew people walking out of Egypt and through the Red Sea. Elijah defeating the 450 Baal Priests on Mount Carmel. David slaying Goliath. Jesus walking out of his tomb, John telling us in Revelation that God in Christ will make all things right. These are all stories given to us, to remind us that God is with us and because of that we will be okay.

Please send me some more ideas. The more the better.

I bring this up because in the midst of this pandemic, we tend to get serious and become extra busy as we try to stay on top of all the changes. This extra work causes us to forget to stop, laugh and play.

There was a time in Jesus’ ministry when people were bringing children to Jesus for a blessing. The disciples got frustrated with what was happening and tried to send the kids away. Jesus became indignant and told the disciples to relax.

I can imagine Jesus playing a game of kick ball with the kids. It seems Jesus must have been having fun, because the “blessing” of the kids went on. I can even see Jesus telling the uptight disciples this: “Yes, in the coming days, we have some serious business to attend to, but for now, join a team and let’s play!”

Do something fun. Do something funny. Do something outrageous.

God bless, Dan

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